Moment Of A Lifetime!

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Proudest moment this year for my youngest cp (9 and trying to keep up with her brother) was landing her 1 to full in comp...she couldn't stop smiling and hugging me. Asked my older cp what his proudest moment was.....he said "when I make "that" team, I'll let you know!
Hosting University of Nihon from Japan in a lacrosse game last season.The sportsmanship that occured that day was unbelievable. That is actually higher up for me than winning NCA and the Nfinity cup.
If you ask either of us, we would probably have different answers. But one of my proudest moments of my cp, was probably the night she landed her full for the very first time, after being in tears minutes before. She felt busted, bullied and angry at what people were saying to her, so she took all that and turned it into a positive. I still get happy thinking about it!
Honestly , It's when i was removed from a level 5 team last year , (wasn't ready honestly), and came back this year, With my running double, 2 to Double, and Standing full. :) Biggest grin on my face ;D