All-Star Nca Day 1 Chit Chat

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Mar 23, 2010
Dallas is upon us. Prepare yourselves, mere mortals. "Only the strong will survive."

F!ERCEChat coming later.

Chat away!
cant wait for the fierce chat!!!
i expect updates continuously........thanks......
I can't wait to be stuck on a computer all weekend! Thank goodness I was at cheersport so I could get a break from the computer lol
My daughter will be on here too. But she might forget too so follow her on Twitter also! Her name is:

Tweet her any team you want so she can make a list before we live in a minute :)
when will the video's start on varsity t.v.?? i'm more interested in Sundays line up but was gonna do a "test" run this morning to make sure i am in the right place to watch~~
Not open for further replies.