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Jul 29, 2010
An athlete of the rec team I coach at a small gym told me today that she won't be competing at the competition they are attending on Saturday. It's a very small gym and they are a rec youth level 2 team. They have one practice left (tomorrow) to get everything fixed. The team has 14 (now 13) girls on it and she was a back spot and the front spots for the stunts are all pretty small and wouldn't be able to fill her spot. Has anyone ever faced this situation? What do you suggest I do because the head coach and I are pretty stumped and stressed out. Any help is welcome:)
I would try to put a front spot that is as close to fitting as possible. I'm a small girl and I had to back spot once and we made it work. I had already been a back spot before, so I knew what I was doing, but I would just work with what you've got.