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Jul 29, 2010
Tomorrow my cheer team for school is doing a calendar shoot type thing for our coaches gifts. Th month I drew was April and the theme is Tryouts. My good friend Hailey is my partner for the shoot and we are pretty stumped on what to do. We are pretty open to anything because we have no ideas as of right now! Thanks in advance for your help!:)
maybe dress in your school colors, and a bow/ribbon of course :p and then one person "teaching" motions, and the other mirroring them?

on a side note, calendar idea is really cute!
Yeah, to go along with her idea, your friend could be trying to teach you how to do a high v, but you are just looking at her with your arms in the air with a completely confused look on your face!
you could have :
a picture of y'all finding out that you made the team after tryouts and freaking out about it
a picture of one person "trying out" with the other girl dressed as a judge
a picture of both of y'all "nervous" on tryout day (with goofy nervous faces of course)
for tryouts be punching eachother for that spot on level 5 ;)
The idea of one girl teaching another would be cute, but to add to it, maybe do it old skool like from cheerleading tryouts from yesterday, complete with outfits and all..Like from the 50's, 60's, or 70's, That would be totally like, Rad!!!!! :)
I love the idea of you in matching school colors outfits, with a name tag number, biting your nails and looking nervous, with "the list" posted on the door of the school in the background.

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