High School Need double down help for my girls [VIDEO]

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May 23, 2010
They never did doubles with their coach last year. This girl has a very good full down, so we're trying to get her double. We've told her to "double up," don't drop her shoulders, and to keep looking. We've been working on it for awhile and she just isn't getting around. The poor bases keep getting hurt too I was wondering if any of you could help?

can't really tell in the video, but maybe have the backspot flick her wrists more to help initiate the spin?
It looks like she is trying to wind up before the cradle and twist right out of their hands. Also, the odd angle she ends up diving into after 1 rotation looks like it may be that she is twisting in two disjointed parts, though its hard to tell from the video, making the rotation slow. Make sure she is riding the cradle and twisting not only her upper body but also getting her hip around as well, otherwise theoretically she will probably never be able to twist past a full down.
I've got a flier that does the same thing. Mine is rushing the twist (not taking the pop) and dropping her shoulder instead of staying hollow body I can't get mine to break the habit - she doesn't do it in her full down so my guess is she is scared of the double and rushing. Let me know if you find a trick that works for her :)
I'm seeing a mixture of things wrong with this... but its a lot different to see it live and the single before. The flyer is not waiting for the explosion in the pop, she is cranking her arms, her hips are in line with her shoulders because she is NOT hollow (biggest problem with wormy doubles). A lot of these things will be fixed together with a couple of adjustments. She needs to learn to ride up in a hollow T, then to square to the back and pull in her single (with a full ride to the top) then learn to pull those arms and toes tight in a hollow body to make that double. Hope that somewhat helps.
She's definitely twisting in two parts, her shoulders and hips. A good drill is to have her lay on her back, on the floor, and hold hollow. Then pick up her feet (her entire body should come up off the floor as one plank) so that only her shoulder blades and head are still on the floor. Then you can try twisting her from side to side, her whole body should be turning as you do this, not just her legs. Also try pulling her feet/legs apart....if they come apart-she's not tight.
This is a great drill to show your girls how they "think" they're staying tight, but aren't....and what truly being tight feels like!