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Dec 14, 2009
Just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the new special needs rules:

1. teams are limited to level 3 rules with the additional restriction of no basket tosses.
2. event producers are allowed to let the special needs teams choose to exhibit or compete.

Please help make sure all special needs coaches are aware of these rules.
So our athlete that performs a standing tuck ( and very nicely, I may add) can no longer do that?
Just out of curiosity, because I'm not thoroughly knowledgeable about the special needs division, but why did they cap their skill level?
The cap is likely for long term safety of the athelete. Many special needs atheletes have genetic disorders like Down's Syndrome. Many CAN do skills like tucks, but shouldn't because their bone structure is different from that of your typical child. We do not have a special needs team, but CP goes to a dance studio whith several girls with Downs. Although some are capable of doing pointe classes from a skill standpoint, they do not becuase it will absolutely wreck thier ankles.
I knew there were limitations because we have to get medical releases for our special needs rec class kids, but I wasn't sure if there was a new reason for the new rule. Otherwise it seems this would have been done a long time ago.
There needs to be a rule that says event producers that offer a special needs division must make sure the athletes are able to get on the floor. We went to events with a girl in a motorized wheerchair and the stages didn't have ramps

This is a very challenging situation and be very careful what you wish for. Every event producer that I have ever worked with would bend over backward a million times to provide for the special needs teams.

This issue actually did come up about 18 months ago, and some venues were telling the EP's that they had to provide the ramps in order to comply with ADA. The problem is that the ramps have to have a certain slope, length, etc. and would not fit in the venues. So some EP's were forced to not offer the special needs division.

Nobody wants that, so please try to look at the entire picture.