New Zealand Lvl 5 Cheerleader Needs Homestay Family Urgent!!! :)

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Jul 12, 2011
Ok, so I'm Elora Norman, Im 18, and Im from Auckland New Zealand, and cheerleading is my life.
I was so in love with it that i decided i wanted to live in america for a year and go to highschool and continue doing allstar cheerleading which i do here currently (and have been for atleast 6years)

I was going to end up in Nevada in a small town too far away from any cheer gyms which devestated me. I tried to find another family that would take me in that at least lived close to cheerleading gyms that i could go to.. But i was unsuccessful. So i came here to try and find a family that i KNOW is involved with cheerleading and would love it as much as i do and understand that i could not live without it.

If you were interested.. All you need is a stable home, a high school nearby, and no criminal record to be able to host me. I will pay for all my own expenses, and you get money from my exchange program that pays for food and other neccesities.. I just need somewhere to stay and Im running out of time to sort something out :'(

I was having seconds thoughts because i knew i wouldnt survive without cheer and i know all of you probably understand that but im running out of time to find a definite family and i dont wanna be put in a situation where i have to chose between going and doing cheerleading, or going at all! :(

I come from a loving family and even though i wasn't raised into any religion i would be open and appreciative of anyone who decided to host me no matter what. I just turned 18, I have a brother and a sister also. I have no major medical conditions, but i have health insurance because i know how cheerleading can get! Hosting me would hopefully be a really enjoyable time for you and me and if you decided to help me out i would make a huge effort to be as friendly and helpful as i could :)

Im very positive, and aside from cheerleading im interested in music and a little bit of fashion too i also think im very compassionate and caring to other people :) and apart from having a few physical setbacks I have a running full and a standing tuck and can fly (kick doubles full up to lib ball up to stretch etc).. and can base baskets and main stunts as a side base :)

If you want to know any more -This exchange program is the one i have chosen to travel with so all the information about what it means to be a host family is on this website -

So if you have any questions or anything and you think you would consider helping me have the best year of my life..please contact me asap!!
The exchange is directed towards educational purposes so its for the same amount of time as a high school year which is why im running out of time fast because the american school year starts very very very soon!!!

Thanks for reading!
Love Elora Norman

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