All-Star 👀 NEWS: Say goodbye to these fan-favorite teams & Varsity sells part of its business

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Sep 12, 2020
Industry Professional

Say goodbye to these fan-favorite teams

Two major teams have announced that they will not be competing this season…

They are none other than the 2023 International Open Small Coed 6 world champions, The California Allstars Cali Coed & possibly the funniest team on Twitter, The Stingray Allstars Rust (International Open Large Coed 7).

Many argue that the new 18+ age rule for U.S-based international/open teams plays a big part in this situation, and will potentially affect many more open teams.

What do you think about the 18+ change?

Varsity Brands sells part of its “Graduation Business”​

  • Varsity Brands sells its Herff Jones high school, college graduation business [The Dallas Morning News]
    • Did you know that Varsity Brand does more than just cheerleading? They’re now selling a section of its ‘Herff Jones Graduation Business’, which makes items like caps and gowns for school graduates. Varsity will keep the ‘Yearbook’ part of Herff Jones:
    • “Varsity Brands, which has annual sales of $2.5 billion, said Tuesday that (…) Atlas Holdings will buy the remainder of the Herff Jones business, including its Scholastic and Collegiate brand portfolios. Herff Jones was founded in 1920 in Indianapolis, where it continues to be based. (…) The sale price wasn’t disclosed, but the transaction is expected to close in 30 days (…)” You can also read Varsity Brand’s announcement here.

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May 18, 2013
Jacksonville FL
Retired From Cheer
That is sad. I hate to see this new rule go into effect. OTOH, I see and understand both sides of the coin, especially given what appears to be an increasing number of inappropriate relationships between underage athletes and athletes/coaches who are 18 and older. And as we’re probably all too aware, this type of crime isn’t isolated to competitive cheer—I am mortified at the number of teachers in the area where I live losing their jobs and going to prison for the very same crime.

Anyway …

I hope Cali and Rust can work with the changes and come back better than ever! Have a good season, all y’all!

NJ Coach

10's Across the Board....literally.
Staff member
Cheer Parent
Mar 23, 2010
It's not the first time Rust has disbanded. The nature of a team made up of adults.
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Aug 3, 2023
Coach / Athlete
Does anyone know where Cali Coed made this announcement? I didn’t see it on their Twitter, was just wondering where to confirm this info.