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Jun 16, 2010
Everyone has that one hideous action shot of them.

You know, the one where you just finished your hardest stunt and look like you're about to vomit, or when the photographer captures the awkward face you make before standing tumbling. Or my personal favorite, the look of terror the moment after you forget something in your routine.

So post them here and have no fear because if anyone claims to NOT have one...

they are lying.
I present to you, your 2010 World Champ, @CheerKatie08

haha i have quite a few. im pretty sure i get my picture taken at the worst times. these are the ones from cheersport two years ago. which may i add was my last comp ever.


this ones not to bad, i just think its funny cause it looks like im yawning or something. i was in the middle of the cheer and im pretty sure i was saying the O part of 0-r-l-a-n-d-o


in all honesty every time i look at this picture i really wonder with a roundoff like that how i landed the tuck that came after it. im the one with the blurry foot


bahah im still surprised im ok with sharing this one. that is a look of complete exhaustion plus im prob about ot break out into tears cause that was the last time i competed. if you cant tell im the third one back

eta: sorry fixed the size of pictures