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Dec 19, 2009
I work for an EP, and in the past, most of our events were free admission except for competitions where the registration price was significantly lowered or where we donated the income from admissions to charities. This year, we've been charging admission at all of our events and some of the spectator's reactions to this have left me with some questions. Since most of my weekends are tied up working at the events the company I work for produces, I almost never get to go to other competitions. Is it rare to be charged admission these days? What do you usually pay to walk in the door at a local competition? What about a two day competition that's giving bids? Program directors, does an admission fee for your parents factor in to where you choose to compete?
A 2 day comp... $20 or $25 per day, per person, kids half price, kids under 5 free. Normally. Admission for local, usually $5-$10 per person. Kids under 5 free most of the time. I did have to pay full price ($10) this past weekend for my three year old, and I was a little steamed, but such is life.
Rare to be charged admission? Not at all.
It's typically $10 for adults and $5 for kids/seniors at one day locals (put on by a local program)
One day larger with more production level (put on by an EP) are usually $15 per person.
Two days are usually $20 a day or $30 for a two day wrist band.
I only know of one brand that is free admission, and I feel they instead over charge their competitor entry fees to offer that. As a program (I know its rare) but we pay our entry fees out of fundraising, parents don't pay for those but they do pay their own fees to enter competitions. At events where the fee is lumped in with the competitor entry fee I feel like we're loosing because not only is the program paying for the kids we are now paying for their family and whoever else may walk in the doors. I don't truly believe there is a single competition out there offering free admission, their just hiding that fee somewhere else, so I think yes you should charge, and I think almost all parents expect it. I also want to add that entry fees for spectators also has no influence on where I choose to take a team. Thats not a factor I've ever even considered. You can't make everyone happy, there will always be parents that complain.
Most of our local comps have been $10-15 and as stated larger ones about $25 per day. If I actually added what I spent at venues I would prob scream!
I have only gone to 2 competitions this year. One was a free local competition. The other was $15 for adults and $10 for students for one day admission. $20 for adult 2day and $12 for student 2day. Most competitions I went to last year were local and all were free.
Im guessing you may have gotten weird looks due to being free in the past. Change is hard to adapt to, esp. if it costs money!
As a parent I expect to pay at all competitions.

Unfortunately most of the family does not get to come to competitions because of the large fees (more than $10 a day). You also have to realize that between parking and food it can really add up with lots of siblings and grandparents.
Bid or 2 day competition, our parents expect $20/day.

Many locals that we attend are free spectator admission for which the parents are grateful and is great for the extended family that want to come see the team compete.

It's not unusual for locals to be $10, but we had one in the last few weeks that was $15 and that was a little frustrating.
praise the lord if i go to a competition where the admission is free and not $30. i mean i cheer so it doesnt affect me but certinally my mom it does because she will never miss a competition of mine.
We compete in the Virginia/Maryland area. This year every single competition, even the smallest crappiest ones have charged huge admission fees. I don't think we've been anywhere that has had an adult fee of less than 12$. This gets really expensive really fast if you want to bring friends or family