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Feb 4, 2011
So I still have one more year til college tryouts, but I want to do everything possible to be good enough! I live in the middle of no where and no one really takes cheerleading serious or can help me! Does anyone have any tips on anything? I am working on my full now but I have to teach myself because none of the coaches I know, know how to teach it. I land it sometimes but I throw my head and get out of control. Does anyone have any drills or tips? And also my jumps are high but if you have jumP drills or tips I'll take them too!! And stunting, I haven't stunted in awhile but I use to do a lot, any drills to get me ready or anything? Thanks for reading and I hope you can help! :)
Where do you live? Do you live in the northwest or somewhere in the midwest? Because, I know the North Dakota State dance team is one of the top dance teams in the UDA.
Sure. I know Ohio State is one of the top cheerleading squads in the country as well as an up-and-coming dance team. Cincinnati is another all-around cheer and dance school. Others include Bowling Green State and Ball State.
Go to Debbie Love offers videos and advice for each skill. Her tips will help condition you enough to have amazing jumps and get you to the point where you can throw your full more safely.