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Oct 20, 2011
With all the negative rap that All Star cheerleading has been receiving across the media from news reports and tv shows about our "skimpy" uniforms, "extravagent" make-up, and "vulgur" activity, I would like to hear the positive influence that being an All Star cheerleader has had on your life. I know from my 13 years of experience with All Star cheerleading, it has helped me in social interaction, school, personal achievements, accomplishing goals and obtaining a career in a job I LOVE!

Can't wait to hear your experiences!
There are a couple of threads about this... And I found the best explanation in one of them.

‎"I could go on for hours with the different details of what cheer has taught me but it all comes down to one thing. It taught me how to love. I never have loved anything more in my life then standing on a blue mat, putting my arms down by my sides, chin on my chest, and for a split second as I wait for the world to start turning again, nothing else matters. I can live my life knowing that I have been able to fully love something and enjoy it like most people never get to. It hasn't always loved me back, cheer has broke my heart, and turned my life upside down. Even then, I loved it. It is something that will always be apart of me til the day that I die."-

People ask me all the time why their kid should cheer? Here's why:
  • Self confidence and a positive self image
  • Listening skills
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Sportsmanship
  • Success and failure
  • Goal setting
  • Making friends and building relationships
  • Fine motor skills
  • Dedication
honestly before I started cheering I was such a shy child, and once I started to cheer I became a different person-in the best way possible. I became more outgoing. I found out how to manage my time wisely between cheer and school. I became a leader on my team, and at school like on group projects and stuff. I figured out how to stand up for myself. I've learned how to work with all kinds of people, and made great friends. Most of all I learned team work and dedication. There's no way I'd be the same person without cheer in my life.
All of these reasons are so very touching and they are the exact reasons why my CP has been involved in All Star Cheer for 12 years. She even wrote her college admission essay about what sacrifices she has made and who she has become and how it has made her the very person she is today. According to her essay, she feels that, over the years, she has become a more consciencious student and a very efficient problem solver because all star cheer creates strong, independent, team players and going into college, she feels that she is ready to face the challenges that are ahead of her because of the demanding schedule that she has had to balance being on a Worlds cheer team, living her life socially, all while keeping her grades up at a private all girl college prep high school. I am very proud of her achievements and I know that it takes a special person to be a successful all star cheerleader, student, daughter(son), friend, and girl(boy)friend and everyone who is this successful person I commend you because it takes a lot of hard work to be who you are!!
My girls cheer together on the same team. I have people ask me all the time what I do to get them to be so nice to each other and get along so well. The truth is I owe it to cheer and our cheer gym. It teaches them team work, how to work together, support/help each other, root for each other, problem solve,and depend on each other. I can't put into words the strong positive bond that my 2 girls have. Instead of BFF's they say "best cheer sisters forever" . :) I feel so blessed that they get to have these experiences together!