All-Star Potentially Akward Situation

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Jul 29, 2010
I'm trading shirts with a few people in Dallas and I was wondering how exactly I approach these people that I'm friends with but never met in person. I have never been in this situation before...and I am assuming it could be somewhat akward. Help, advice, and your personal experiences welcome:)
I would text them like friday and ask when they would like to hook up and swap.... If you wait till full throtle comps are going on it's a little harder. JMO from past experiences!
just be like " Hey are you _______?"
if they say yes, respond with something like " HEY! Nice to finally meet you, im _______ and i have your shirt!"
something to that effect! it shouldnt be that akward, good luck!
Set up a meeting place that is totally neutral. The bulls is a great place outside or meet in front of the Varsity gift shop either inside or outside. (I can't remember where the food court was).

That will make it a little less awkward so it's not in front of your team or the other person's. Text each other so you know what you're wearing and what to look for.

Other than that, just relax. If you get a long on the boards, you will probably get along when you meet. I haven't met anyone yet where we didn't act like we already knew each other.