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Jun 28, 2010

It saddens me deeply that we lost an all star parent, Nikki Shirley, yesterday in a car accident. Her daughter Kylee is on our mini level 2 team, Blackbird (Mobile), and is 6 years old. She is pictured below, with Coach Sarah. Nikki, Kylee, her grandmother, and cousin were traveling home from the beach, and lost control of the car in the rain. Kylee and her cousin fortunately did not have any serious injuries; however, her mother did not survive the accident, and her grandmother is hospitalized with multiple fractures in her hip and arms.

Nikki was a wonderful mom who was passionate about Kylee's love of cheer. She could always be found at the gym supporting Kylee on her all star team. If you have ever met Kylee, you will know she is full of energy and drive. The years ahead of her will be more than difficult without her mother, but Cheer Force One is fully committed to doing our part to show she has an army of cheer moms, dads, and siblings to lift her up and support her.

We ask that you keep Kylee and her family in your thoughts and prayers during this time. Please pray for peace for her family and guidance for her aunt Jessica, as she accepts the responsibility of raising Kylee. It is her aunt's wish that she continue to cheer this season, so that she will have her CF1 Family to lean on during this difficult time. We are taking donations at the front desk to help with any additional costs and traveling expenses her aunt may incur throughout the competition season.

We do not have details of funeral arrangements yet, but I will send them out as soon as I hear back from Jessica. The coaches and owners of Cheer Force One are planning to be at the visitation and funeral to support Kylee and would love to see our all stars and their parents reach out to her as well.

Kylee and Coach Sarah

Much love and prayers for Kylee, her family and her Cheer Force One fam. Xoxo
One of my sr girls lost her mother unexpectedly in February. It's so hard to see them go through this. I am so sorry for their family and yours. I know you're all hurting and my prayers are with Kylee and CF1.
Thank you to our Fierceboard fam for the prayers and support!! Nikki's funeral was yesterday, and Kylee will be back in the gym tonight for practice. I can't imagine how tough it's going to be for her, to NOT see her mom in the parent area cheering her on....I don't think her mom ever missed a practice. To all stars on Fierceboard, go home and give your parents a big hug, and tell them how MUCH you love them and appreciate their support in all star is too short!