Prayer's For Lucas' Loved Ones

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Mar 23, 2010
On the night of Sunday, January 1, my friend, Lucas, passed away. This is a shock to everyone in my little suburb, especially those of us who all graduated back in 2008 because it's like we all knew each other even if we didn't personally. We've all come together to remember what an amazing, warm, and kind hearted person Luke was. He was able to make anyone smile or laugh just with the smallest things, and he always gave advice and was willing to listen if anyone needed him. He would always put others before himself and help a friend in need. Now it's just unbelievable that he's no longer with us, especially when most of us wish we would have just been able to just talk to him for one last time and maybe help him see there were other ways.

Please send prayers to Luke's family and friends. Everyone around here who knew him, even the slightest, is having a hard time with this. Rest easy man, everyone down here misses you and loves you. We all hope you found peace.