Prayers For The Top Gun Naples Family

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It is with a heavy heart that we write this message. Our beloved Coach Leslie passed away early this morning after battling a sudden and unexpected stroke. She was surrounded by very close friends and family members and, of course, all of your thoughts and prayers.

Coach Leslie touched the lives of so many people as a loving wife, mother, friend, and coach.

She will forever be missed.

-The Top Gun Coaching Staff
I am so sorry to hear about Leslie. I have been lucky enough to have attended clinics with her and had her in Ireland for a visit last month. She has been an inspiration to my and my girls. She was genuinely interested in finding out how they were doing and had been leaving them messages on our facebook page telling them she hoped they were working on all the things she taught them.
My heart goes out to Chuck and all the family.
Prayers from the Rathgael Ravens
Sending my prayers for the TG family and coach Leslie's family. How tragic and heartbreaking for them all.