Prayers Needed

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Cheer Parent
Dec 23, 2009
One of our little 7 year old's from Pink Ice/Emeralds was in a serious car accident with her grandparents on Sunday. A boy of 17 fell asleep at the wheel and hit them head on and then they were struck from behind. Angelina is in a coma, swelling in her brain, and has a spinal injury. Her grandparents are both in serious condition. The grandmother has gone through a 10 hour surgery and I don't have an update on the grandfather but I was told he is going to have many surgeries in his future.

Please Pray for this Mother who is trying to deal with the results of this horrible accident. There are several hospitals and many doctors involved and this has to be overwhelming for her.
And spread the word on facebook by changing your profile picture to this <3 praying for our pink ice princess!!