High School Problems with stunt group?

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Nov 9, 2010
Ok, my coach just assigned us new stunt groups for our squad. We have a small squad(12 girls) so we have only 3 groups. My coach picked me to be a flyer, which was rly exciting cuz I rly wanted to be a flyer. Then, this girl in my stunt group was whining about how she wasn't the flyer and the coach gave into her and let her switch off with me. My bases can't lift her and are getting injured from trying to. She just keeps on whining and keeps trying to steal my spot. I can hit all the stunts but she can't. Last night at practice, finally my bases said we can't lift u anymore and had her backspot. But now when I'm flying she doesn't help or do anything whatsoever. I keep falling and I have to tell her each time to grab my ankles but she's so mad tht she won't. I'm sry if this is rly long but can someone help me?
You need to talk to your coach about this. If she will not do her position, then that is a safety risk for all other team members. Let your coach know that you do not feel safe stunting with her and work with your coach to figure out solutions.
i would talk to the girl too. tell her you don't feel stable and you need her to grab more because you are getting hurt falling. be serious with her.

if that doesn't work, ask the coach to watch the stunt group. she may see the girl not doing anything and give her corrections/criticism.