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Mar 25, 2010
dear everyone going to NCA,
I hate you.
dear everyone that went to Cheersport, and is going to NCA,
I hate you. alot.
Dear everyone who can also add Worlds to that list,
...ya'll can just go dress up like a deer and play on the highway.
a very allstar deprived retiree

on a more rainbows and butterflies note, safe travels and good luck to everyone this weekend!! :)

peace, love, and happy cheering

This is why I love you Chrissy!! AMEN girl! Definitely wish I could be at all of them too.
I wish I were going and to make it worse a team that a ton of my friends are on is going, so I have to deal with all the pictures and status updates up on facebook :\
i wish these big competitions would have some kid of contest for a trip for two or something to win a flight to cheersport, NCA , Worlds etc.....not even a 'full paid' trip , at least the plane ticket!
i agree with all of this i went to cheersport and might go to worlds depending on if i can pull together enough money
Not open for further replies.