All-Star Required Practice Wear/colors

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Apr 7, 2011
When you go to practice at the gym are you reqired to wear your team colors or a specific practice wear set? I'm just wondering, this is the first year my team has required us to do this. If you are required, what does it look like or what colors do you have to wear? Pictures of fierce practice sets welcomed!
My CPs team are required to wear the gym colors on one day of practice and their individual team colors on their other day of practice. We are still waiting for our practice clothes to come in...
Both the high school and all star teams I coach have required practice wear. My all star team has certain shirts in our gym colors with black shorts. For my high school team, we were our camp wear. Its not always in our school colors but everyone matches at all practices. It helps me as a coach to really see how together (or not together) my teams are.
My cp's gym has a set practice outfit with matching bow for all 3 practices each week.
Does that come with your tuition that you pay for the year? And is that exspensive? Im jw, Because this year you can buy practice wear but you don't have to have it. You just have to wear our team colors
Does that come with your tuition that you pay for the year? And is that exspensive? Im jw, Because this year you can buy practice wear but you don't have to have it. You just have to wear our team colors

You are charged for it and are required to wear the correct outfit and bow on the appropriate days. I guess depending on how you look at it is included in tuition. My cp's gym is very up front as to the costs of everything. They break it down for you and let you know where everything goes. I know not all gyms do that.
I know for my highschool team we are required to wear a set of practice clothing on our normal practices and competitions

Monday: (Tumbling practice at our local gym) this is one of the days we get to wear whatever.
Tuesday: we have a grey tank top with our schools logo along with our team saying on the back, navy shorts and a navy bow
Wednesday: We have a Grey and red tee shirt with our school name and cheer below it, red shorts and a red bow\
Thursday: We have a navy and white tee shirt with the school logo and our team saying on the back, grey shorts and a white bow
Friday: (before competition run through) we just warm up, perform our routine for jv and leave. We wear our uniforms to school so we do run throughs in our uniform
Saturday: ( competition) We have special comp. shirts with our team acronym and all our names on the back along with a pair of shorts that goes with the shirt ( we havent gotten our comp. apperal yet so i don't know the colors)

I Actually like having a set thing to wear makes my life a little easier :)
This year we have 2... it's only required for some teams but on Monday it's a green shirt that has our logo on the front, small and to the left as if it was on a pocket and the back says jersey all stars perfection is dedication with blue shorts that have our logo on them in silver glitter and a white bow with our logo on it in green and blue glitter and Thursday it's a blue t shirt that says Jersey All Stars on the front and it has our logo on the back really big with white shorts in green and blue glitter with the same white bow
Any team I've ever been on we've never really had set practice clothes. Just a color to wear on top or bottom. Different girls feel comfortable wearing different things to practice & I think wearing the same color is still easy enough to find mistakes with when watching a routine at practice.
My first squad, we could wear whatever really, most girls wore something white, navy, black or cheer related (comp t-shirts etc)

My second squad, somedays we'd be asked to wear our purple t-shirts with the logo, and whatever on the bottom. Somedays we'd be given t-shirts and asked to put them on for practice photos and stuff.

At my 3rd squad, there are no rules really, but it's the 'done thing' to wear a combo of red, black and white. On my first say, I wore bright yellow, never a good choice!
For my high school, we are allowed to wear whatever we want up until camp, and then after camp we receive a schedule of what outfits we wear on what days. This is the first year we are doing this, so it will be interesting to see how it works out. I don't think it's too big of a deal because most of the girls normally end up wearing something that looks similar anyway.
I make my girls a calendar at the beginning of the month for the "color of the week". I don't care what they wear, as long as it is the correct color!!! We have one "anything" day and my girls love it!
For my gym, we have to wear black spandex and a certain color sports bra (depending on the day we're practicing on) both that have our gym's logo on it, and a bow that was purchased at our gym.
We have 3 color sports bras, Red, Black, Gold (our gym colors), which we usually are required to wear either red or black.
We are required to wear ankle socks and reebok hightop tennis shoes.
If we wear the wrong attire we usually get written up. We also aren't allowed to wear jewelry. If we have a freshly pierced area (like if you just got your ears pierced) then they allow you to cover it up with tape or a bandaid until it's healed. Then you must take it out once it's healed.
They ask that we don't get anything pierced after june or july so that we're sure to be fully healed before competitions start :)