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Feb 11, 2010
Hey guys, I wanted to post this to remind everyone that what is said on twitter and facebook can have a big impact on what people think of your gyms.

Recently i have seen on twitter two gyms fighting.I am not apart of either one of these gyms but do follow some members of both on twitter. I am not going to call out these teams but i will say that one gym was very unhappy with their placements at a competition this past weekend. They did not think that the other gym deserved what they got. The arguments went from trashing each others routines to even making fun of uniforms. This kind of behavior gives gyms a bad name. Be careful what is said online.
At my old gym, they'd yell at anyone even if they posted a status with a swear word and they would go nuts if one of their athletes did that. We don't have any problems like that at our new gym. You have to understand you're not only representing your team but also your entire gym. You should NEVER say a bad word about any other gym no matter what they say to you. It's very unprofessional and just stupid to do.
I know which gym are you talking about. I read it on twitter. It just sad. :(

That team defenetly deserved their paid bid. No need to be jealous
If any of my kids I coach would talk bad about other teams...well...let's just say they would have a looong looong talk at next practice.
I've seen a picture of some girls flicking off the camera in their uniforms. They said "F *gym name*" and put it on twitter. I feel like it gives a bad name for your whole gym. It lets everybody down!
I can get fired for stuff like new job (I'm a hostess at a more upscale, classy restaurant) has an internet policy. Anything that is deemed to be detrimental to the company's image/references the company can be grounds for termination..
While looking on Youtube for some competitors videos this past week, I ran across a video from a "hometown" gym (thankfully not where my cp goes") There were two girls IN UNIFORM griping/complaining about judging, placement, etc. THEN one girl proceeds to complain about how teammates didn't give it their all. Uh, YIKES.... Sure, we all complain about judging, but doing it in your TEAM UNIFORM, then POSTING IT is just NOT a good idea.