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Apr 7, 2011
What do you guys and gals eat the morning of Competition? I know a lot of people try to eat healthy so they don't feel like crap later. Also what are some rituals you do throughout Competition Day? (with your team or even just when you wake up or before you go on floor)
I'm really bad at having breakfast the morning of competiton, most of the time i just don't feel like eating anything...lasts the whole day up until after awards..then all of the sudden i get so hungry haha
Most of my Girls don't have a problem though and tend to eat what they normally eat , not especially healthy
Rituals: When we are waiting in Line to go on the floor we usually make a circle and us coaches say some motivating things , helps to pump up the girls and let them feel fierce :)
Other than that i don't have any personal rituals though
Our coach insists on a banana for each athelete before competing! Its a breakfast and a ritual in one;)
I don't usually eat much the day of a competition, always too nervous. But as far as rituals go, I always put my lucky hairtie in my left shoe and lucky silly band in my right shoe. Some of my teammates always made fun of me for it, but I did it every comp last year and we had an undefeated season:)
Drive through Dunkin' Donuts for competition days! My signature plain bagel with plain cream cheese and a hot chocolate is breakfast. :)

I don't really have any rituals for competitions... I want to find one for this season though!
I normally don't compete in the morning so i used to be super superstitious and every comp for probably 2 years I ate a waffle and apple juice for breakfast. Sometimes i still do. but if I compete in the morning i would just have a granola bar or something and a powerade
Protein bar for breakfest, subway sandwhich for lunch (cause it stays down!) and another protein bar before we go on! I always pray and picturr myself hitting the stunts before we perform and make sure that my shoes are tight! I also try and hug EVERYONE on the team and wish them goodluck and encourage them before. I make sure not to watch the other teams and i make sure i pee before we go on lol