All-Star School Cheer Conflicting With All Star Practice

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Dec 14, 2009
So what is your gym's policy about missing practice because of school cheer practices or games??
My personal policy is: If I pay for it, this comes first.
But my coach knows my games at the beginning of the season. We don't usually have Friday night practices anyway. If there is a practice that conflicts, I leave school practice early, and my coaches at school have always known it. They are always okay with it because they know its helping me get even better in the long run.
My cp's coaches feel as though all-star comes first and since I pay by the thousands for all-star that is where she will be for all practices no questions asked.
My junior year of high school, and my first year of varsity team, i tried out did a layout. i had more tumlbing then any of girl on my team....well guess what happened. i was then an alternate. I was so upset. And on top of that my high school coach made high school practice from 6 til 8. my all star practice was from 6 til that conflicted alot. My high school coach said that once i was missing alot of high school practices so she took me out of games. It was a horrible year. then all the seniors quit the team because they did not like the coaches decisions. Then of course she needed me. I only did it because the girls begged me. But i think that if your missing high school practice for a tougher practice at all star it shouldnt be a problem. My senior year it didnt even conflict once my old coach quit ot got fired not really sure..but i dont care either l0l!!!!!!
Well I don't know about anywhere else but we pay for High School cheer here, and you better believe during the High School season it takes priority. We have very little conflicts because my daughters team practices from 4-6:30 everyday and All-Stars is from 7-9 one day during the week, however there are many kids who travel a good distance who can't possibly make a weekday practice AND do High School sports. I don't know if I would feel different if my daughters team wasn't so competitive or the 4 time defending State Champs, but we have a good balance between the both here. Only time my daughter has missed All-Stars was for Camp and Choreography, and the same goes for High School.
I would never think twice about missing a high school practice for allstar, but then again in Canada the high school cheer is wayyy different. Our practice NEVER conflict though because before scheduling a practice our coach asks who can make it that day, and a lot of our team members also belong to the same allstar gym as me so we all normally cant make it on certain days.... morning practices ftw :(
it all depends what matters more to you. two years ago, my friend and i both cheered for our school (football, basketball, and competition) and the same allstar team. we were constantly having to chose between the two. we took it on a day to day basis. which ever had a more important event or practice was the one we went to. we missed high school practices for choreography and allstar practices for football games. times when that didn't work (like both had normal practices at the same time) she would go to high school practice because she cared more about that team and i would go to allstar practice because i cared more about that team.

my coach tries really hard to work around high school football games because she wants us to have the experience of cheering for our schools and she coaches a local high school team, too. she watches all the high school football schedules (which is easier here than in other states because delaware is tiny) and tries not to schedule our weekend practices when anyone will have a game.

but if we miss a weekday practice due to high school cheer, it counts against us as a regular absence.
Our gym is fantastic about scheduling practice for the older athletes on nights that there aren't football games, etc, later practices (6:00 and on), on weekends. There is another gym in town that I have heard could care less about that stuff and schedules as they see fit, but our gym owners are very conciencious of it.
it usually wasn't a problem when i was in high school...but myself and my co captain of high school were both of the same team at all stars, and we always used to pick all star over high we missed a few basketball games. lol.
In my world what cant all star cheer teach you???? High school cheer i don't know about your coaches but most of the time they have no idea what they are talking about let alone doing. . .
My school cheer isn't competitive so all-star always comes first. My school coach understands that and schedules our practice and choreography around my all-star practices and competition schedule. She even comes to some local competitions.
I would like to say that all-star cheer comes first for my daughter, who is the captain of her freshman squad, considering how much I pay for it but that is not the case. At the parent meetings, the coach made it clear that school cheer comes before all-star cheer.. no exceptions. At our high school, cheer is a class and takes the place of the PE requirement and they receive a grade for it just like any other class. All most every girl on the Sr teams also do school cheer so it makes it so much less stressful for everyone that the owner of our all-star gym schedules practices around school cheer. Last year the high school went to state which conflicted with a competition. She cancelled the competition. :D
I wish Canadian high school cheer teams were as competitive and serious as the American ones... Well the ones in my area anyways :p
My school team is a joke, bad coach and the girls on the team are just there to be called "a cheerleader".