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Is it a coincidence that the ad on this page is for self-tanner or is that the board being smart? @kingston

It is google. It 'automatically' scans the content on the page to produce the most relevant add to what people are talking about. All that technology to produce about one penny (maybe.... if someone clicks on it).
Not that I wear a crop-top (eeww, yucky visual,) but I do the Mystic tan in the winter, just so my pastiness doesn't gross ME out. You can do different levels (from clear-which actually has a little color-to 2 or 3 levels of bronzers.) I haven't ever done the highest level bronzer without actually being tan first, but I imagine it can get pretty orange if you don't have a base. I like the clear, for completely un-tanned skin, because it just takes the blinding whiteness out of my skin and doesn't look the least bit Oompa-Loompa-ish.
Tried the Jergens, but couldn't continue using it because it smells like french fries on my skin. I often use the Neutrogena MicroMist in Medium on my face, just to even it out with the rest of my body.
And, no, I don't think spray tanning is necessary for cheer.
I self-tan myself everytime we have a competition just because i like it better ...our uniforms are white and i personally feel better when i'mtan! But i don't think it is necessary for Cheerleaders to be tan, if you like it do it, if you don't then don't ;)
NIVEA! its the bestt. I've used jergens too, its pretty good, but I still prefer Nivea. Just make sure you shave before, and exfoliate your knees, ankles, and elbows to avoid them turning orange!
I get airbrushed tanned for competition and LOVE it. I also hear that the Victoria's Secret self tanner works really well.
tanning is most definitely not NECESSARY for cheerleading... imo to do such a thing would only feed into the stereotypes more.
i'm normally a nice healthy see transparent white, and im perfectly okay with it. lol but i got one of those mystic spray tans for a wedding i went to (i was wearing a white dress, i was afraid you wouldnt be able to see me :p) and it was a really nice color. it made me look tan without being orange, and it made me look healthy. lol and older! always a plus in my book.
but if i have a base color i'll use jergens to prolong it. it makes me skin feel nice and silky smooth too :)
Who gets the penny? Fierceboard?

Yep. Help's pay to keep it going. You would be surprised how expensive it is to pay for all the little pieces to keep this thing going.
I'm very pale because of a sun allergy.
for every big occassion I get a spray tan done in a beauty salon. I can pick the color I want to be and they do it very even.

during the year i use a tanning bodylotion.