All-Star Shes 10!!:o

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Can I say as a 19 soon to be 20 year old how much I despise and envy these little kids. I am almost twice their age and am having trouble landing the same skills that they throw in their sleep.

She is already amazing at such a young age, I can only imagine what she will be throwing in a couple of years.
She actually had that a year ago when she was 9 :) I remember watching her in the gym and thinking how amazing she was. If you search for her a little more on YouTube there's video of her doing double backs as well ;)
she is amazing!
she has so much talent alot of girls sr teams can't do what she can!
i want to know cea's secret as to how they train these kids to be so incredible! they have so many talented kids of all ages, it absoloutley fasinates me.
she is amazing! I Think a lot of gyms have girls just like her but they dont publicize their athletes like CEA does so you dont hear about it. just look at all the J5 teams...and Youth 5 there is some pretty crazy talent on those teams and a lot of young girls.
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