All-Star Songs That Get You Pumped Up For And During Practice

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1.Do It Like A Dude- Jessie J
2. Where Them Girls At?- Pitbull
3. Moment 4 Life- Nicki Minaj
4. I Wanna Go- Brittney Spears
5.E.T. Katy Perry
6. On The Floor- J LO
Im Ready for You- Drake
Kobe Bryant- Lil Wayne
Strip Me- Natasha Beddingfield
Single Ladies (Put a RING on it)- Beyonce .. and they did.
1) Remember the name - fort minor
2)when worlds collide - powerman 5000
3) I'mma shine - youngbloodz
4)we r who we r - ke$ha
5)welcome to the show - britt nicole
Clearly, I am significantly older than all of you...

1. Right Now- Van Halen-
2. She Wants to Move- N.E.R.D-
3. Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve-
4. Remember the Name- Fort Minor-
5. Reach (dance remix)- Judy Cheeks -

That last one is cheesy, but it's the song that was playing when I first got my backhandspring lol

But, 5 is tough... there are a lot more on my workout playlist on my ipod

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