Speed Up Tumbling

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Feb 11, 2011
Hey guys, do you have any tips on how to speed up tumbling?? As in my roundoff handspring. I can full pretty easily but I'm gonna need more speed for my double. Any tips?
I always tell my athletes that arms control a skill's speed and legs control its length. Faster arms after the round off help speed up my handsprings.
As soon as your hands meet to the floor in the round off snap your legs down and snap them down right when your hands hit the floor in your BHS. Fast arms. *Hands feet hands feet*
Start on your toes before you begin your pass to eliminate tumbling "flat footed" (heels should never touch the floor).

Lead your entire pass through your wrists and fingers. In other words, in your round off hurdle, and out of your RO and HS into your trick, your arms/shoulders should be extending away from your ankles as far as possible and in the direction you are tumbling.

Think about the best double down cradle you have ever seen, the flyer lifts up and away from her group, with her ribs lifted as high as possible like shes sucking in her stomach; not down and in like an ab contraction. The twist will be faster and so will the pass if everything lifts away from the floor as stretched out as possible as opposed to trying to "Snap it" which can result in low skills and painful ankles. :)
Pull your feet through in your roundoff so that you are at an angle going backwards. If your roundoff lands straight up and down or at an angle facing the front, then that kills your momentum.
Push through your shoulders coming out of your back handspring. It will help you get your feet down faster so you can snap down and set for the double. Be sure to keep pulling and just go for it
i had the same problem ! my tumbling was too slow.. my coach told me to scoop my feet under after backhandsprings and roundoffs! that really helped me with my layouts!
try tumbling UP a wedge mat.
when learning tumbling we usually tumble down it. but if you tumble up its as if going uphill, more difficult, but helps power & speed