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Mar 25, 2010
I have no idea how much credibility he has, but one of my friends that does photography posted this on my wall this afternoon:

"So I thought you'd be thrilled to know that sports illustrated is working on an expose on competitive cheer and how it is potentially " too much skimpy outfits and nasty makeup" to be acceptable. They had a photographer at Arnold whose job was to shoot the most scantily clad or uglieest make up cheerleaders lol"

I thought ya'll are just the group that would love to hear that....
i attended arnold. i saw NUMEROUS cheerleaders who were wearing skimpy uniforms and should not have been. i as a coach questioned what their coaches were thinking when they saw a girl representing their gym in a barely there uniform...i understand that she may be comfortable in her skin, but it's very distracting to watch a routine with girls dressed distastefully.
Possibly dumb question...but what is "Arnold"?

the arnold classic. it is an event held in columbus, OH every year, and there's multiple events like body building and i don't know remember what else lol and a cheer competition of course.
I don't know why people continue to ridicule cheerleading for our skimpy skirts and "trashy" makeup. They're just ignorant! Volleyball players wear less than we do, they go out in a sports bras and spandex!? &&haven't you seen some of the dance companies makeup theses days?! Let me tell you there are some Nasty dance make up out there! It doesn't make sense to me. Plus I think cheerleading is way harder than any other sport i've tried!

P.S. ShoWStoppeR your signature is very entertaining:)
Not open for further replies.