All-Star Ssx Worlds Uniforms

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Dec 15, 2009
Was asked by their coaches to get some feedback on what people think... Should CEA Small Senior X wear their new uniforms both Prelims and Finals.... Or just Finals? What would you all like to see? Post what you think here and why :)
Both. I think itd be cool for them to stand out both days. Plus theyd get full use of the uniforms, unless the plan on wearing them next year?
i like when teams come out with a surprise on sundays. and yes, a good chunk of those spectating at worlds will be from the fierceboard and already know they have new unis, but for the non cheer addicts, give them something to freak about :)
I think they should wear them Day 1 and then wear their normal level 5 uniform on Day two
I think they should wear them day 2. I agree with whoever posted up there about the non cheer addicts giving something to freak out about.. :)
New unis for Day 2. Surprise us all, imagine how eager everyone will be to see SSX in their new unis. creates more suspense..everyone knows those uniforms are gonna be sick. On top of that if they wait until finals they will know everyone is going to want to watch them if not to see there performance to see them run out on the floor with there new uniforms on. Big crowd=big performance