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Dec 15, 2009
A lot of people will be tweeting at Worlds and lots will be posting here from who they are following. To reduce confusion (and frustration), we can try to standardize the terms we use. It may even help the sport a little if we start using the same terms (and argue less).

Here's how I see it- borrowed it from an earlier thread.

"Hit" - an intended skill was accomplished, but doesn't say how clean or perfect. "Hit a routine", "hit their stunts" or "hit all their tumbling" would be pretty clear. Add a descriptor to show how well they hit: "barely hit", "hit clean", " hit perfect"
"Clean" - something accomplished had near-perfect technique. If we start defining this, then we might actually focus on technique as a sport rather than just hitting. That could be dangerous (hope that's obvious sarcasm)
"Killing it" - from your perspective the routine or skill was pretty cool/great/awesome. I think this is a great term for people to use when their team did something right for the first time or has been having trouble. It can also be used to refer to the Rockstar Killers, I suppose. Again, all subjective
"Fierce" - if this term isn't subjective I don't know what is
"Shark-like" - the fiercest! (personally I think this one is pretty clear and should be used more often, but that's just me)

Let's discuss this now and reduce confusion later. . .
I agree. Someone said a certain large senior team hit 2 weeks ago, but from what people told me, they barely kept their flyers in the air. So there needs to be clairification.

I think someone needs to write out all of the abbreviations for deductions.
Can we also all agree to understand that each Tweet is someone's opinion. Can this be the first event we do not have hateful posts saying "Tweeter XYZ says they killed it but Tweeter ABC said 2sf 1tb! Get it together, people! Which one is it!?"
SF - Stunt Fall
SB - Stunt Bobble
PF - Pyramid Fall
PB - Pyramid Bobble
PC - Pyramid Crash
Don't forget tumbling too!

Also, if someone says they hit perfect and then someone says there were 3 touch downs, then always go with the person that says there was more stuff wrong. Chances are someone didn't see something fall or touch down because of where they were sitting.
Please people, don't be biased when giving updates. It's confusing when one person says they hit and the other says they had all these problems. Don't say a team hit when they had a tumbling bust or a stunt dropped. There have been numerous times when I've read great things about a teams performance and I watch the video and they are anything but great.
I will be the first one to confess that I have made a mistake. At RTA a couple weeks ago I had horrible seating and didnt see a WC early dismount/stunt fall ( it was my first time giving updates ever). There was a lot of speculation at that competition ( and many other ones since) on a few different teams from many different people including myself. Thanks @SharkDad for initiating this thread to clear up confusion. While I am not going to Worlds this year I will be keeping up with the updates and simplifying this will clear up so much confusion and keep the updates simple and unbiased.
From the wiki:

tb - tumbling bust
td - (tumbling) touch down
oob - out of bounds
omission - didn't throw complete pass (ex: round off or a bhs rebound instead of a full)
I agree. Someone said a certain large senior team hit 2 weeks ago, but from what people told me, they barely kept their flyers in the air. So there needs to be clairification.

I think someone needs to write out all of the abbreviations for deductions.
Technically, they did hit because no one fell. So if everything really hits we could say a team 'hit solid'. All their stunts were solid. No crazy landings in tumbling. ect.
Exactly. So its a difference of opinion and what needs to be discussed. Keeping stunts in the air is a little different then hitting.
Lets not be to critical of those willing to tweet for the rest of us :) Just imagine how lost we'd be with out them! My strategy is to try and follow as many different tweeters as I can and take the worst case as the most likely.
Thanks, but lucky me I'll be there! Maybe I can get my daughter to tweet from my account, she is really good at sizing up a routine, me not so much so, I tend to miss a lot, since someone will catch my attention and I will spend 2:30 focusing on that one person haha! If she will do it, I try and get added to the lists.
Thank you times a million for this! Those of us at home get soo confused, because when one tweet says one thing and another tweet says another..THAT'S what people at home see/know and THAT'S where the drama can start (how did so-and-so place first, because from what I heard they bombed! well I heard they were so shark-like, it was shark week!!). Believe me, it's easy to get caught up in a routine that you miss a tumbling omission/touch down (especially if you're sitting in an area that's hard to view), but be realistic. There's a big difference in 3 stunt falls and hitting..and we're gonna know once we watch the vids.