Standing Tucks Help?

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Jun 19, 2011
I've had my standing tuck, then lost it, then got it again and i lost it again.
Does anyone know any excersie'st to maintain a strong standing tuck?
If so, post here. :)
Our Coach says to do 10 standing tucks every day. If you do this you will most likely keep the skill. You can do it on the grass on days when you don't have a mat available to you.
i'm having the same problem! I used to be able to do it alone, then once i fell on my head and didn't dare doing it anymore :( i'm trying to get it back this season, but the fear to jump up/backwards stays...
I had the same problam! Then Rob Divo came up and was coaching me and finally figured out my problam, I was throwing my head back. That stoped me from going up as well as rotating faster. After a few trys on the trampoline spoting the wall. I went on the ground did it with spoting the wall and I had it solid and got my triple toe tuck. :)
So maybe try spoting the wall like you would in a long tumbling pass! :D
I don't like people spotting me, so this is what I do:
Get a panel mat. Fold it so you are standing on 3 panels of it. Throw a couple tucks. Go down to 2 panels. Throw a couple tucks. And so on until you are throwing them on the floor. It really helps me to warm up and stay confident.
Also, the key to having a solid one is spotting. Pick something on the wall at about eye level, and when you set try to look at that object for as long as possible, then pull your legs and tuck.
Work on your core strength! It helps alot.
and just keeping doing tucks, especially when your tired! It will condition them and then they will see to be easier.
AshaFierce's drill is perfect and i highly recommend that as well!
Every practice I landed 5 standing tucks before I left. I stopped doing that once they got consistent. Doing a lot of crunches will also help.

hope this helps:)
Does anyone have any tips to help me pull just the last little bit? I'm SO close but I always land on my toes so I put my hands/knees down right after my feet hit. And im always looking up when I land. Help!
doing them every day really helps, when i first got mine i didn't land it all the time but after doing it everyday for about 2 months i can throw it with no problem, it is actually better than my standing handspring
I have the SAME problem! I just bought a panel mat so I can constantly work on them at home, but my main problem is I have super long legs and I have a hard time pulling my knees over fast and hard, any tips!?!? I also grab the backs of my knees but everyone I know does that, I'm not sure if that could be another problem