Standing Tucks

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Mar 30, 2010
I have been having struggling with my standing tuck. Mostly because I am not pulling hard enought. Does anyone have any tips or drills to help?
my old coach used to have me do one and a quarter off the end of the tumble track into the mat at hte very end. basically standing tuck to your back on the mat
I struggled with my for the longest time and about a year ago started landing it consistently. I ran so many drills it's unbelievable! First thing is you have to realllyyyyy realllyyyyy pull! Try some tuck drills ( where you jump up and tuck your knees to your chest) but also try strengthening your core muscles ( abs,etc). The more you pull and jump the better chance you have of landing. Good luck!
Where do you grab?
I use to grab my shins to do standing tucks and i had trouble with them but i tried grabing underneath my thighs and it was so much easier :)
Where do you grab?
I use to grab my shins to do standing tucks and i had trouble with them but i tried grabing underneath my thighs and it was so much easier :)

at first i grabbed under my thighs but now i dont grab at all.

but i know when i was first learning standing tucks we did them off the edge of the tumble trak going into a pit or mat, and our goal was to land on our back. like flip a whole time and then dont land on your feet land on your back so that you follow thru with the flip when you go on floor. idk if that makes sense. also i did tucks a billion times on a really squishy mat bc its hard to land and even though youll prolly eat mat the first few times, once you land them on there you can land them literally anywhere.
hope i helped:)
do sit ups and crunches every night before you go to bed! Really build up those stomach muscles! then remember to pull hard, it should get easier in about 2 or 3 weeks. The sit ups really help.
I had the same problem with my standing tucks! I think that grabbing underneath your thighs really helps. Also any conditioning with your abs will really help with your standing tuck. Also, like the person above said, try doing one and a halfs on a trampoline or into a mat off the tumbletrak.
i had a realllly hard time grabbing under my legs for standing tucks because i wouldn't tuck in enough so i started grabbing on my shins and held on for dear life until i could tell i was right side up again. One thing i found helpful and stuck to it all through comp season including competitions and still do to this day is when i go to set for my tuck i actually yell pull to myself. I had girls come up to me at practices saying thanks for yelling to them to help them through it when really i was talking to myself. Definitely doing lower ab workouts will help you ALOT! one thing i do is lay on the ground with my legs up and then i hold a weight over my head and reach my arms up to my legs. but im just one of those weird head cases that has to talk to myself through the routine but it might help you too!! good luckkkkkkk!!!
i had a problem with that too so what helped me was the tuck to your back drill and also if you have a bar like you would do pull ups on you can hang from that and pull your knees up to your chest in the tuck position. That can work your abs and help you to get that pull feeling. good luck!
I was struggling with this too! My problem was i was whipping my head back making it IMPOSSIBLE to pull harder. try and spot. it helped me.