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Flyer mom

Do teams that already have worlds bid keep going to local competitions to stay fresh, and ready for worlds. Most big competitions are over and teams have about six weeks till worlds, what do they do besides practice all the time. Just curious because getting those competetive juices flowing, is not the same as practicing. Thanks
Our senior coed team still has 2 competitions left before worlds (1 travel, 1 local). Plus there is usually some kind of showcase for them whether it's just for our program or with a few other programs in the state. Our international coed team does not have any other competitions until worlds though.
When I coached at a gym that had a worlds team - we would practice for a bit, taking time off from competing - and then go to about 2 or 3 local competitions just before worlds to make sure the routine was ready for the big debut. I know that we always were dealing with injuries and our time off the competition mat was beneficial in getting them better and worked back into the routine!