Super Nationals 2017

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    Just thought I would start this thread since it's right around the corner and the first draft of the schedule should be out today!

    Fame will be there with:

    Fame Beach

    Envy- Large Junior 4
    Sirens- Large Senior 2
    Glam- Large Senior 3
    Vixens- Large Senior 4
    Xclusive- Large Coed Restricted 5

    Fame Midlothian
    Hollywood- Large Youth 3
    Rockstars- Large Junior 3
    Lady Crush- Small Junior 4
    The J5- Small Junior 5
    Divas- Small Senior 4

    Fame Valley
    Drama Queens- Large Junior 2
    Epic- Small Junior 3
    Celebs- Small Senior Coed 4

    Beach/Midlo Combined Teams
    Vengeance- Large Coed 5
    Super Seniors- Medium Senior 5 (MAJORS)

    ETA: Fame Valley Teams Attending
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