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Mar 13, 2011
Dear Fierce Board Friends: I am asking for your support! My daughter is a Junior Coach, spending time with a group of very special cheerleaders and this team needs your support! The Colorado SUNS special needs team needs your votes. Please text 106192 to Pepsi (73774) once a day everyday to send a vote for the Colorado Suns special needs cheerleading team! They are entered for a chance to win a $50,000 grant, and may win with your support! Your vote everyday through May 31st would mean the world to this team, parents, athletes, coaches, and me. Thank you in advance for your time everyday and support. Or you can go to the link I have provided.

Pepsi refresh Project:

To see a news cast of this team, copy this link:

This funding is the American Idol of Grants for these unique cheerleaders. If you are supportting these speical needs cheerleaders and taking the time to vote, THANK YOU! Sunday evening we were up to 58th, and now this afternoon 43rd, we have broken the 50th barrier !!
Update: If you are supporting our Colorado SUNS special needs team through the Pepsi refresh grant voting, THANK YOU! We WERE climbing the ranks, made it up to 37th and now are back down to 42nd. If willing, please keep support this wonderful cause by voting. Please text 106192 to Pepsi (73774) once a day everyday through May 31st.
The End, the Pepsi refresh grant voting is over. THANK you to those supporting the Colorado SUNS Speical Needs Team. They did not make the top 10, we hope to re-apply in July....