All-Star The Girl That Was On Twist And Shout Sr. Obsession That Does One Man Stunting?

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i feel like more and more girls are doing toss hands etc etc
i think its awesome! :)
I saw this routine at Worlds. My jaw dropped, wasn't expecting to see that and never saw it again from any other team.
Thanks for pointing out what team she was on, there were so many before and after that I forgot which team.

She ccompeted in the Open Stunt competition at NCA College nationals and beat out several real coed stunt couples. Bet they walked away shaking their heads. She also competed at UCA College stunt competition. Cheer cheers at Oklahoma City University (i think that is the name). I think her name is Cheyenne
Her name is cheyenne. I sat next to her mom during finals. She was so sweet and one of the proudest moms I ever met. Loved the whole t&s group, those parents were going crazy for all of the other teams in the division too. Class acts :)
We have a girl on our team who does a one man...not the one armed like this girl though...WOW!!!

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