All-Star The Joys Of Competition Season

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What are your 10 favorite things about competition season?

here is mine...
‎1. butterflies when going on stage
2. woundering who gets called next for awards
3. marking routine all together before going on
4. hard practices to make you the best you can
5. working together with your team
6. friendships
7. nervous warm ups
8. wacthing the teams your against together
9. cheering each other on
1. Not having to do the routine to counts.
2. Walking out from behind the curtain, globe, etc. at competitions and seeing the huge crowd you're competing in front of.
3. Working hard.
4. Getting ready for comp (curling hair, doing makeup, putting on uni and bow)
5. When you know you hit an amazing routine and you work out the dance.
6. The relief you feel after you compete.
7. Although comp season is stressful, I love it but I can't think of anything else right now lol.
1. Getting in my uniform and getting all dolled up for competition! 2. Getting to spend a whole weekend with my team. 3. Getting to meet new people and see my cheer friends! 4. Performing! 5.showing everyone how hard the team has worked and how our teamwork makes us stronger 6. Competition pictures!! Especially action shots! 7. watching other teams and cheering on your favorites 8. Helping minis warmup and watch how excited they get and how much they enjoy it 9. No sunday practice lol 10. Getting to expeirence new places ( if out of town )
  1. doing my makeup and hair for competition
  2. that wait before you go on the floor
  3. actually preforming
  4. that feeling when you know youve nailed your routine
  5. playing games with our youngest team
  6. trying to find they best competition picture of yourself
  7. cheering for your other teams
  8. awards!!
  9. hearing your coach cheer you on over the music
  10. absolutly everything!
1. getting alll dolled up
2. traveling!
3. meeting new people/making friends
4. getting offf the floor!
5. winning jackets!!!
6.watching your coach jump up and down in front of you while you're competing<3
7. making changes or replacements right before competing -__-
8. the bonding<3
9. taking the award home after receiving it
10. it never ends!!!!!! <3
2.uniforms, hair, and makeup
4.the feeling you get after you hit a PERFECT routine and know you've won.
5.watching the teams you're going against and seeing whos the best.
6.when they call second place and you're team hasn't been called yet so you get all exited!
7. feeling when you beat a top team
8. cheeerrrrssspppooorrrttt
9.stunting with people on co-ed teams just to see how it feels
10.getting closer to your team :)