All-Star The Ultimate Bow- Peppermint Gift Box

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Dec 14, 2009

Great gift I thought I'd share! :)

Your Ultimate Peppermint Gift Box includes the following items:

1. THE ULTIMATE BOW - Peppermint Kiss Bow (A Superior 3" Bow)
2. Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Pocket-Bac Antibacterial Hand Gel
3. THE ULTIMATE BOW - Mint Cookie Lip Balm
4. THE ULTIMATE BOW Keeper - to easily attach your bows to any bag for safe keeping
5. THE ULTIMATE BOW - Nail File and Pen Set
6. (2) Mini Candy Canes
Bought one....if you order by the 15th it gets here in time for Christmas! At least she is shipping fairly quickly, another bow makes isn't shipping until FEB!!! Unless of course you pay for express shipping and it still won't go out until the 29th!! WTF? From now on I'm just going to order from Admin or something....
We just opened our Peppermint box and it is perfect! Her caribeaner is even purple to match her bag!

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