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May 11, 2010
Hey guys,

so I'm desperatly trying to get a standing tuck and there are two things i'm really struggling with that are pretty basic but I don't know how to approach them. :/
The guy, who spots me (we don't have a tumbling coach) tells me that I need to figure out, how to swing my arms, when doing straight jumps, in a way that they pull me up. According to him, i could as well not swing my arms at all and get the same height...

Secondly, he told me last night that I'm tightening up too much, when I jump. It's like I try to pull every muscle tight in order to jump higher but he says, it actually keeps me from jumping higher.

I don't really know how high I should swing my arms and where I should block them, cause that's what I've been told to do.

So, any input on how to get these jumps higher and most of all getting into that flow of motion or whatever you could call it, would be really, really appreaciated.

Thank you!
It's really hard to describe in words but your set should be slamming your arms straight by your ears like they are hitting a wall. You want to hit a dish shape (so your abs are tight and legs slightly in front) not an arched back. Debbie Love has heaps of drills on her site: fortheloveoftumbling.com

Debbie Love is the cure for all your tumbling woes.
thank you!! Actually I think I get your description. :)

I'll make sure, I check Debbie Love. :)

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