All-Star To: Members Of 'justin Carrier Should Commentate Worlds' Fan Page

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Mar 16, 2010
(*This letter should not deter you from trying to reach 1000 'likes' for the Justin Carrier Should Commentate Worlds fanpage on Facebook. If the admin asked for 1000 signatures, and this thing stops at 575, it may adversely affect all the progress you've made on helping my self value.).

I've been flattered and entertained by the conversation and posts promoting my involvement with the Worlds Broadcast. Some of you mentioned my love and passion for the industry, and it's pretty cool that you see it enough in my actions to remark about it. For every comment I read, I kept thinking to myself, "These people are as crazy about their jobs as I am."

Well, I'm here to tell you the great news: "OMG, ESPN just called and I'm hosting Sports Center!!" JUST KIDDING. That did NOT happen, but your voices ARE being heard.

The challenges we have in producing quality coverage is finding a balance. We need the technical mavens (like many of you) to generally agree the coverage is an accurate reflection of the event. And it's also important that the show tell a story to a parent of a non-cheerleader that says, "This makes sense. It's simple, it's easy, it's fun, and I'm enrolling my daughter tomorrow!" We will continue looking for ways to achieve that balance while improving the accuracy of the content.

Rest assured, everyone here is working towards the same finish line. We'll take into consideration the constructive remarks shared here and will broadcast an improved show next season. What that means exactly, we don't know yet. But you've been heard. Ya never know... if you are strolling around Worlds 2012, carrying an ESPN mic and chatting with Betty White--you'll know you got your way!

Justin Carrier
I almost forgot, would you guys 'shimmy' me. I don't have many.
Oh yeah, and now that you've done that on Fierceboards, will you STOP doing that in your routines? lol jk

Does he now win for asking for most shimmy's?
Glad to hear it will be improved! Thanks for sharing this info, Justin!
Fierceboard wins again!!! Haha the power that we hold Bwahaha!! Ok, NOW can we get a Universal Score Sheet!!
Fierceboard wins again!!! Haha the power that we hold Bwahaha!! Ok, NOW can we get a Universal Score Sheet!!
The key is flattery. The only reason I started coming back to this site was to read all the nice things people were writing ;)