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Jan 24, 2011
List your Top 10 for 2011. It can be anything. Good, bad, ugly. Most memorable anything! It can only be 10 though. (Let's see who can follow that rule)

Here's mine (in order)

10. Going to JamU with the best coaching staff I've ever had and meeting some of my fierce board friends. Ask anyone who attended about the raffle before graduation--Santwon is SO special!

9. Going to Pensacola with my mom and sister for my birthday. I'll never forget the Jellyfish jump when I literally scrambled and climbed on top of my mom and sister to avoid a giant jellyfish from washing up into my lap.

8. Finding out with 3 back to back texts that 3 of my 3rd year athletes were leaving my gym for another. It was after a very successful season so I didn't see it coming. I cried for a week.

7. Becoming Facebook friends with Xiana. (I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me)

6. Watching my daughter struggle to finally get her bwo after deciding to really try for it. I'm so proud and I can't wait until she unleashes her inner beast--it comes out occasionally so I know she's gonna be so freakin' fierce one day.

5. Realizing my not-even-2-year old has a natural gift for sports. Nothing makes a southern mama more proud than knowing her son is gonna play hard. With a name like Ozzie he can't help but be greatness.

4. Falling in love with my husband all over again every day.

3. Kissing my kids. Hugging my kids. Loving and being so thankful for all 3 of my kids.

2. Coaching all-stars and directing cheer in an established gym. Full time. Getting paid to coach cheer. Every week.

1. Waking up alive every single day this year. So far I've broken my own personal record of not dying!

Let's hear yours!!
Here's mine in no order :)

10. My uncle coming back from a year deployment in overseas! Woot.

9. Waking up every single day, with my family, friends, dog and loved ones by my side.

8. Becoming a champion at my first comp this season. One champion and one second place, yeaaaaah!

7. Joining in with two other gyms and meeting AMAZING people.

6. Road trips to random places with my parents. <3

5. Getting in a relationship with my best friend on 11.11.11

4. Learning who my real friends are... sad it took me 14 years, but I'll remember it.

3. Getting an iPhone!

2. Having a Christmas with my army uncle after 3 years of not having one with him.

1. Going to this ghetto place in North Carolina with my parents and still making inside jokes about it :)
10. Starting highschool, it's the most stressful and the most fun I have ever had.

9. My first Cheersport Nationals, such a special weekend with my team. <3

8. Watching LSU go undefeated 13-0 and heading to the national championship.

7. Meeting two of my best friends.

6. Getting my standing series on the floor

5. Renovating my bathroom. I love it!

4. Waking up every night with my family who I love so much

3. My teams day 2 routine at WSA Nationals this year. So special for us.

2. Christmas 2011- so great.

1. Joining the Fierce Boards-a very wise decision. :)

9. Surviving junior year

8. Meeting some awesome people and becoming good friends with them.

7. My team killing our routine at US finals.

6. Going to worlds......

5. Being with some amazing people at worlds and cheersport

4. Not injuring myself

3. Having a life changing experience when one of my friends passed away. I made up with a lot of friends i've grown apart from because life is too short to be mad at someone.

2. Being informed that orange wanted to meet me.

1. Meeting orange.
here are mine in no order. most of them are cheer related lol.

10. seeing one of my best friends/teammates that moved to cali at the top of the escalator at a competition. she flew home & surprised me. i was bawling.

9. winning 1st & grand champs with my team at u.s. spirit nationals in florida after a VERY rough start to the season.

8. one of my best friends getting diagnosed with diabetes. i meet her before lunch every day (different classes, same lunch wave) to go to the nurse to get her blood sugar checked so she doesn't have to go alone.

7. skipping school with my friend to go to nyc to see the lady gaga concert (the today show summer series thing) it was amazing.

6. camp woodward - hands down the highlight of my summer.

5. getting my full ON the 1st day of tryouts (instructional/spotting day) & throwing it the 2nd day (actual tryouts).

4. finding out that 8 of my teammates were choosing high school cheer over allstars. i cried for so long.

3. making the first ever level 5 team at my gym.

2. starting junior year of high school: so far it's a stressful nightmare.

1. over the summer having a mental cheer thing. not a skills "block" it was more of an "i don't belong on this team bc i'm not good enough" thing. i made my 1st level 5 team & wasn't used to not being in the higher skill range. i let pressure/stress/my head get to me which led to losing some skills but i've overcome it & my skills are back & stronger!
10. Finally getting reconstructive surgery on my foot (even though the whole thing is fake now && I had my whole summer on bed rest, bitter sweet but took up 5 months of 2011!)

9. watching my team mate RICKY JAMIE on SYTYCD

8. Cheer related: Watching Brandon take home another gold globe

7. Appreciating simple things in life like: Learning how much I took walking for granted after it taking a month to learn how to walk again after 4 months of not walking

6. TURNED 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Took on a high school team that started with 4 tucks, no stunting skills & is at 2 fulls, 3 layouts, 8 tucks & squad bhs.. fulls ups, tick tocks and express ups!

4. Bought my first car (first car paid by me not the parents) Audi A4.. in love <3

3. both on my best & worst list of 2011.. Senior year in college!

2. Spending another wonderful year with my amazing boyfriend (best 5 years of my life & counting)

1. My good cheer friend from HS was killed on Thanksgiving day && she left behind a 7 month old baby. She was in the army. I gathered all the cheerleaders in my county to donate one christmas gift for her daughter && just the joy of the family for having a HUGE 1st christmas for the baby was so incredible.
List your Top 10 for 2011. It can be anything. Good, bad, ugly. Most memorable anything! It can only be 10 though. (Let's see who can follow that rule)

Here's mine (in order)

7. Becoming Facebook friends with Xiana. (I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me)

Let's hear yours!!

Hmph. :starwars:
1. WINNING STATES. <3 Absolute best moment of my whole entire life, to be completely honest. I just kept looking down at that medal and crying the whole ride home with my team. Such a great day.
2. Seeing Spirit of Texas and Twist and Shout Worlds. Listening to my coach and staying in the hotel...or a valuable hour watching teams? Ummm excuse me. Life made. :eek:
3. Seeing people at Worlds and being like, "Oh hey, we're facebook friends. Too bad you probably don't even remember adding me. No I don't creep on you every day..."
4. Exam week before Christmas Break, screwing with my theatre teacher the day of the exam with my two best friends in the class. Never going to forget that day. Gotta remind those teachers that their class is an elective, not an AP course. ;)
5. Visiting Central Jersey and World Cup over the summer. SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. Tumbling with Odyssey sdijasdaheasd. No words.
6. My mom sending me a picture of the "hot gay hairdresser" from the wedding she went to. Sure Mom, thanks for the encouragement. Does this mean I can date sexy guys from the college downtown without you getting angry? I'll take that as a yet.
7. Fooling around with my baby cousin on the boardwalk, tripping, and dropping him... :( Felt like such a dodobrain for the rest of the day. At least he fell on top of me and not directly onto the ground?
8. Creeper from my team moving out of the continental US. Definitely don't miss those late night texts...
9. Getting my permit and driving for the first time. That was the only time I've ever almost died while behind the wheel. Maybe driving home from the DMV was a bad idea.
10. Making my dad go see Breaking Dawn with me in the movies. His face the whole time..priceless. "I'm never going to the movies with you again."
this year has been unbelievably hard for me. this might be a somewhat depressing post, but i'll do my best to put in some happy things. this is not in order, because i can't order some of the bad, but i will try to counter all the bad with a good.

10. the very first friend i made when i moved to my town was killed in a car accident. cali, i miss you so much every day.
9. getting my kitten (the story about her name and what she means to me is in the pets thread in the random forum) Cali, who keeps my friend Cali's spirit alive to me every single day.
8. my best friend from middle school was in the hospital on dialysis for a month, and they expected him to be on it for the rest of his life. he doesn't remember what happened.
7. He did a complete 180, and got off dialysis about two months ago, is turning his life around, and is getting better.
6. putting up with a roommate who had severe emotional problems and tried committing suicide, while my other roommates pushed her off on me because they couldn't be bothered.
5. getting an apartment by myself, and helping my roommate get over her issues. She is now much more emotionally stable and healthy, and i am still very close with all three of them despite the year we had together.
4. working my butt off and taking a full 15-credit semester this summer, while working 36 hours a week, getting three weeks off before starting an 18-credit fall semester because I transferred colleges and had to play the catch-up game.
3. getting a 3.83 GPA for the semester after all of the hard work I put in.
2. tearing some ligaments in my ankle during reach the beach day one (and never going to the doctor but continuing to compete on it), and going through an absolutely terrible mental block for 5 months.
1. going to worlds with the best team of my life, getting the nations cup on day one, and hitting both days. and in september, finally getting over myself and throwing my full for the first time since RTB, and landing it, without one problem. i jumped on the girl standing closest to me in the corner and cried because I never thought I was going to do it again.
no order
10.Finding out Coach Mike had cancer :oops:
9. Finding out that Coach Mike was cancer free! :cheering:
8. My Cp making J5.:D
7.My cp breaking her collar bone.:(
6.My cp losing all her running tumbling(don't say the b word).:eek:
5.My cp getting her running full back and working on her double again!;)
4.My tiny cp being the point dancer and point for jumps(I know she is only a tiny but I am proud):rolleyes:
3.My mini cp hitting her stunts at her first comp and her team winning level 1 grand champs! :p
2.Having some amazing friends to support me through some tough times.:chestbump:
1.Having healthy,smart kids that I could not be more proud of!!!:)
tuckxandxtwist wow. Seems like you've had quite a year. It takes true strength to deal with stuff like that. Major props to you. May 2012 be filled with much success and happiness :)

thank you :)
it really has been a heck of a year for me. lots of bad news that just seemed to never end, but I'm very proud of myself for handling everything in the way I have and have become an even stronger person.
I hope everyone on here has a better 2012 than 2011, and they appreciate and live every second to the fullest. I've had to remind myself many, many, MANY times this year that the problems will pass, everything happens for a reason, and things will get better in the end. and this year has proven that to me in a major way.
10. making it all the way to the regional final in field hockey in 1st place and falling short.
9. winning eastern maine for softball
8. regretting that I took that year off of softball :p
7. being a senior in high school
6. my uncle was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma
5. found out there's a slight chance I may be going to worlds this year.
4. my sister left for college.. never cried so hard.
3. she came back :) (shes going to a closer college)
2. been dating my perfect boyfriend for 2 years (hes so supportive and helps me through a lot)
1. Making varsity for the 4th year in a row and being a senior captain on my cheering team :cheering: