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Apr 1, 2010
So in the mail today came a flyer for a new dvd workout series. I think it's like aerobics catered to cheerleading? I'm not 100% about it. I might order it just to see if it's legit. Has anyone heard about this or used it before?
My old high school Varsity coach is Stacey, the woman who made it! It is definitely legit. She is one of my absolute all time favorite coaches. She cheered in college, she's a UCA staff instructor, she judges, does great choreography and she's an awesome high school AND all star coach.
She has been working as a personal trainer and certified group exercise instructor for years at various gyms but has been working at Golds Gym for a while now and truly loves what she does. To make this video was always her dream, giving cheerleaders and their coaches a work out video to help train their bodies specifically for cheerleading. I definitely suggest it to any cheerleaders, and coaches out there!!

For anybody interested, here is the link to the website