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Sep 1, 2021
For some background, I am new at cheering and never cheered as a kid or go to a private gym. I am a flyer and it is my second season cheering for my high school team, and today I got up into an extension for the first time. I had tried before with other less experienced bases, but the stunt wouldn't go up. Today we got stunt groups for games and I was paired with 2 more experienced bases and the stunt went all the way up on the first try with no huge issues.

My stunt group and I did notice that I was shaking a little though. Some of it might have been nerves since every other time I had tried to go up to extension with my other group, it would fall, but I think part it of came from squeezing really hard in order to stay tight. Is there something I can do to tremble less in the stunt?
Feb 12, 2020
Keep ur ankles squeezed tight together, and try to avoid your ankles from rolling and that might help. Also be confident! Now that you have hit one, you know u got this and you cna be ready to kill it next time ur in the air! Hope this helps :)
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