Trophies Pilot Shoot: The Deets! Your Questions Answered!

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Jan 21, 2015
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The next big show everyone will be watching…

Hollywood takes on competitive cheerleading, and this time they’re doing it right. Trust us, you want to be a part of this experience.

What’s the show about?

The young women of the world champion team, Cheer Legacy Lightning, have a reputation to protect—a reputation forged through triumph and tragedy. After back-to-back world championship wins in front of 50,000 screaming fans and an audience of 2 million on tv, the pressure is high to win again. But when their beloved coach Leslie Day collapses at Nationals from an aneurysm, they are left grieving and without a leader… wondering if this sport that they’ve given up everything for is worth it.

Enter Caroline Marshall, a broke and disgraced former world-champion caliber coach, and co-founder of Cheer Legacy Athletics. Today, she is scraping by at a job she hates after being pushed out of the industry ten years ago because of her addiction issues. Now sober, she’s trying to keep her head above water. Initially coaxed back into the industry after ten years by her sister, Caroline ultimately decides to go back to Cheer Legacy to finish the season for Leslie; but Cheer Legacy is also her sister’s biggest rival gym.

As Cheer Legacy Lightning cheerleaders attempt to regain their world champion title during a season rife with conflict, loss, parental interference, and the trappings of cheerlebrity, Caroline finds purpose in leading these elite athletes, reigniting their passion for a sport they all love. Even more than most, the precision sport of cheerleading doesn’t have room for the individual greatness, only excellence in service to the team. It is a test of letting go. Letting go of the past, of the future, of the ego, of those you love, and of those you hate.

What’s the audition process?

  1. Upload a Slate Video! This is a quick little introduction to you! Show your personality and be natural, we want to see who YOU are.
  2. Fill in and submit this form. It’s super important you do this so we have all your details and you don’t get lost in the hundreds of IG accounts we’re looking at.
  3. Submit your tumbling/stunting video (if you want) by uploading it to YouTube and sending the links to [email protected]
  4. Some people will get invited to audition for specific roles and will have to practice and make another audition tape to send to the director.

Everyone who wants to be a background extra can come! You get to do the acting intensive, meet agents and take acting classes, and be on a real film set! No special auditions needed
Just send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Sign Me Up! Background Extra and Acting Intensive” and let us know your name and age. We’ll send you the deets!

What types of actors are they looking for?

Anyone and everyone! For the main roles, we really want actors/cheerleaders aged 15 and over with level 6 skills. Same for the athletes that make up the main team. But! We also need background actors to fill competition scenes, moms and dads and coaches, and when the show gets picked up by a network (hopefully!) they will be needed hundreds of cheerleaders who can act to be on teams they compete against!

What age do you need to be?

For the main roles and featured athletes, you need to be 15 and older. To join in the acting intensive (where you get to meet agents and have headshots and take classes!) and be a background extra on set (!!!) you need to be 12 and older!

Is this like Bring It On?

Nope! This is not a comedy or reality TV, this is going to be a scripted drama based on cheerleading, showing the world the real life of a competitive cheerleader—it’s going to explore the relationships between the team and their coach, moms and daughters, coaches and parents, and everything that goes on in their lives that makes that final 2:30 on the blue mat.

Do I need any tumbling or stunting?

Only to try out for the featured roles and featured athlete roles! For the acting intensive and to be a background extra, you can be any level!

What’s so great about being a background extra?

Firstly, you get to be on a real film set, and you get to meet the director! The acting intensive workshop will also give you a chance to take acting classes and meet professionals in the business. But! Most importantly, when the show gets picked up by a network (hopefully!!) you will already be on the books so we know who to call when supporting actor positions open up in future episodes.

Do I need acting experience?

While it helps, you don’t have to have any experience to audition. You just need to be willing to put yourself out there! The first step is always the hardest.

Where are the auditions?

Wherever you are! The first round of auditions is being held on Instagram! You need to upload a Slate Video to your stories, save it to your highlights, and make sure you’ve tagged @TrophiesTV and @CheerLifeApp so they can see your personality. If you want to be considered for a featured athlete role, put together some of your tumbling videos, upload a link to YouTube and email it to [email protected]

The director will watch all the Slate Videos on IG and then contact people she wants to audition for roles! You get a script via email, practice and film it at home, and email it back. Simple as that!

When do we know what role we get?

Before California! You’ll find out the role they want you for by the end of August/early September.

Do you get to go to Hollywood?

Close! We’ll be filming in Orange County, which is about an hour away from LA!

What role will I play?

That depends on step 1, your Slate Video! Show us your personality and if the director thinks you might fit in with the featured roles, you’ll get invited to audition.

When do I submit tumbling?

By Monday, August 19th! We don’t need you to film anything new, just get whatever vids you have in your phone from practice, put them together and upload them to YouTube, and email the link to [email protected]

Are there males?

Yep! The main team is all-girl, but in the future, we will have coed teams and always need guys in the background to make competition shots look real—because guys are a big part of cheerleading too!

I’m not an all-star can I still apply?

Absolutely! Anyone can come to be part of our background extra team, attend the acting intensive, and meet the director. Remember, when the show gets picked up by networks we’re going to need an army of cheerleaders of all skills and types to be on the show.

When is the show coming out?

The Pilot episode will be released in December! We’ll be releasing it on YouTube or Vimeo so EVERYONE can see it! Then the producers will take it to networks to hopefully be funded and developed into a full show in the next year or so. It’s a long time to wait, we know, but it’s going to be worth it when the world sees what real competitive cheerleading is all about.
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