Trouble With Libs

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May 7, 2011
So, I have a very young varsity team this year - the majority of the team are freshmen. They are really struggling with libs for some reason. Physical strength isn't the issue - their straight up cupies are rock solid, they can hit a single base hitch pyramid with no problem, and their baskets are sky high.

Every time they attempt to do a lib, it gets stuck at prep level. I've had them try starting with the flyers back foot on the ground and in the load, they've got the "dip with your legs" down, and the flyers are pushing off the shoulders of their bases and STILL getting stuck at prep level.

My stunt group has kind of the same problem. It's like it goes up so strong and fast but comes straight back down once it goes up. Help!
The back spot needs to push it up as hard as she can!
Tell the back spot to push the flyer's butt up fast and make sure the flyer isn't standing up before the bases get her above their head. Sometimes libs are the hardest things to do! I don't know why, just they're harder to balance on and harder for flyers to pull up in. (then again thats just might be my opinion!!)
Tell the flyer to lift her shoulders up like theres a string attached to her arms & lift up as much as she can for her bases. Make sure the bases use their legs and not their arms and that they dont arch their back while basing. They should be pretty much chest to chest looking up at the flyer. As long as there is power going up (LOTS OF LEG POWER) and the flyer pushes off hard, they should be able to reach the top!!
Sound's mostly like a timing issue. If you guys do not use counts, then have them start using counts. So that each person knows what to do exactly at the right time. Also, have someone else count.

If that doesn't help and everyone is going together. Sounds like they may be too tense and are using arms instead of legs. Find out where and when it gets "heavy" and that will tell you your issue.
Thanks everyone - your advice is greatly appreciated! I will test these suggestions out at our practice tomorrow :)
We had a simillar issue last night our lib kept getting stuck at the prep level. Turned out one of my bases (I'm the back spot) was switching her hands around just a the point the lib gets really heavy, causing everything to collapse. Fixing her grip was our solution
make suree they arent locking out their legs before their arms are straight b.c then they have to muscle it up and maybe they arent able to do that. and also make sure the bases are close like the secondary steps into the main when they go up! hopefully u guys can figure out the problem !