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Oct 25, 2010
Hi I am new to the boards and I am a senior in HS.
I have done gymnastics, middle and high school cheer (4 years) but mostly competitive cheer (9 of the last 11 years 5yrs @ level 5). I am currently level 5 co-ed and can do kick kick double in baskets, full up partner stunts, punch front, standing full, double on spring full on foam, 3 to full, 3 toe back & toe full etc...

I am trying to deceide where to go to college and which type of cheer to do. WIth all of the changes happening at the college level it is a hard choice to know which one will be best. I love cheer and want to cheer my way through college (hopefully with cheer paying the way)

1. Requirement a business or sports training (sports medicine) major I am unsure of which one at this point but I am finding most schools offer these. A smaller college town (I dont party or drink)

2. Advanced performance level cheer I love competing so I would like to continue that. I have done tryouts at one college in my state for the new tumbling stunt format and was told that they would love to have me. I loved the squad and the school just not sure about the new format.

I also have been asked to join a high level all girl squad more traditional cheer but they do pretty unique stunts for all girl, they are from a small town in the mid west (they do smaller comps and smaller nationals). I will have some scholarship money from both, higher at the latter, but still not full waiver. Both schools consider it a sport.

3. SCHOLARSHIP opportunity this is huge as I will receive some federal grants but will need more to round out the package I will have a 3.0+ but my ACT/ SAT scores are not great (medical test anxiety issues)

What other schools should I look at. I have gotten some suggestions from but wonder if there are coaches or team members out there with other suggestions would be appreicated and can I send videos or do i have to travel to the locations to tryout, I am west coast now? thanks!/pages/Breez-Life-in-Cheer/133129450061324