All-Star Tryouts For The 2011-2012 Season!

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Nov 17, 2010
with worlds said and done, tryouts are right around the corner!

For those trying out post when tryouts and what team/level you or your cp would like to make

Good luck to everyone! :)

me- this saturday/ Royal- sm sr 5!
We had our Arlington gym tryouts in April, Coppell is in a week!
Cp is hoping to stay level 2 either as a junior or youth.....
Cp has made her gym decision and doesn't care what team she makes. She's ready for change and is excited to work harder than before. Super excited for the 16th!
Mine are this week! Yesterday was day 1 and tomorrow is the second day. I'm hoping to make senior 3/4 (they're not sure what it's gonna be yet). I hope it's level 3 though. We could make a really good level 3 team out of the girls we have.
Im changing gyms and Im HOPING to make a level four senior team, or if it was a level 3 it would be fine...JUST A SENIOR TEAM, because I would like to fly :)
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