All-Star Tumbling In Public?!

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Mar 10, 2011
Today I got thinking about the many times I will tumble in a public place... Admit it... You do it too! What's the weirdest place you've ever tumbled in public? I've done a cartwheel in a moving elevator before! Hahaha oh and bonus points if you add a picture!
OMGosh! My daughter does front and back walkovers seriously everywhere. I will be in walmart looking at something and she will get bored and just throw you out lol
weirdest place was probably in march in florida (u.s. spirit nationals) while i was stuck at the airport. i was with some girls on my team & our flight had been cancelled then our new one was delayed 4 times before canceling so we we're bored & started tumbling. nothing too crazy but people came over to watch & take pictures/videos & they loved our tuck circle! i only have a video of 1 of our tuck lines but it was after everyone had left & they're not really good haha:p
Cp did a BHS in the science classroom. Right by all the $1000 microscopes. Just then, the vice principal walked past the room. When the VP called me saying "I have NEVER, in my life, EVER seen that type of behavior..." I couldn't help it. I had to ask "You don't know many cheerleaders, do you?" Cp got detention.
Although it wasnt technically a blizzard, I did a bhs in about a foot of snow during heavy snow with strong winds last year at school. Not to mention I was bundled up in like 2 pairs of sweat pants with leggings under that snow boots and a heavy jacket.
I got one.... My son is inspired by Ozell Williams Jr., Lil B, Julian Samuels, Kiara Nowlin, Tye Hill and many others and he tumbles everywhere..... seriously no place is off limits!!

I hope the link works I copied it from facebook!!

The driver was in the cab sleep and he woke up when he hear the banging from the tumbling....He was cool with it when he saw the video!!
This summer on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship, during a Michael Jackson dance off. I guess you could say I did it on water lls not really. BTW it help my team win though!!!!!! :)