All-Star Twist & Shout's Journey To The Gold Globe

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Awesome video! I have admired Orson Sykes and the Twist & Shout program for years. It's amazing to see the history showcased in this video. I can still remember when coed won it's first NCA title. Great job T&S I am so genuinely happy for you. This was truly your year and congratulations to Orson on his win at the VIP Coaches Gala this year!
Congrats again to a wonderful team and organization. Finally reaching that top spot must have been an indescribable feeling. They truly were the class of that division this weekend!
I agree, definitely a long time coming. My eyes immediately went to the neon yellow parent's section, especially after that amazing performance on day 2! I loved watching the parents reactions when they were in the Top 2 and then of course the first place announcement was unlike anything I've ever seen. Congrats to the athletes, families, and coaches! :)