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Nov 23, 2010
hey guys i found a very interesting question when im surfing the net, i don't know this person but his question is very interesting

"im currently studying sound mixing with different softwares, im not a cheerleader but as the years go on i think its very interesting, anyway i think i want to try cheerleading but i don't know a single thing about it,

im a male, 20 years old, is it too late for me or i can train somewhere or what?"

that's his question, anybody can help him?
I'm sure there are a lot of guys who really don't start cheering until they enter college. Anything is possible.
When I cheered in college, back in the 90s, most guys didn't start till they got to college. All Star wasn't big, and there were just a few co-ed high school teams out there. 100% of the guys on our team had never cheered before they got to college (so 18-19 years old) and we only had 1 guy who had been a gymnast. The rest were all big guys who weren't playing a college sport, so we (the girls) conned :) them into coming to cheer tryouts.
he should find somewhere near him with an open team or international ! that way he can try it out with clinics and open practices etc.
allstar gym with a open or international team would work! that way he has the practices open gyms and clinics so he can learn!:)